Resident Evil HD Remaster: What every old gamer asked for

I am so bothered with her eyes. 
This is it! The remake/remaster everybody has been asking for has finally been released! Hooray!

Resident Evil first debuted for the Playstation in March 1996. Me and my brother played this around 1998. Remember the first zombie encounter FMV sequence? I couldn't sleep for a week, all thanks to that.

My brother played Chris. Being a total noob with the controls, we died screaming at the first encounter. We were both embarrassed that we died. We got used to the usual Super Nintendo controls. This was all alien to us. We started again from the beginning and made sure what we knew what every button did before we slash the crap out of the zombie. We died, still, but hey, practice makes perfect. We finished the game in 4 hours.


Going back to the Resident Evil franchise, a Director's Cut version was released a year later, adding some updates such as autoaim, item placement and even an updated character wardrobe. Then the Dual Shock version that added, well duh, vibration and teasers for Resident Evil 2. It was then followed by the Sega Saturn and PC version.

Then came the remake, the Gamecube version. It was released in 2002, showed better visuals, updated gameplay, items and story.

SNAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA-- oh, different game. (Gamecube version. notice the pixels?)

13 years later, they released the REMASTERED (the current) version. Now they have updated everything and turned it to HD. Better visuals, sound, items. Better EVERYTHING.

The hugely popular Resident Evil series, having sold over 61 million units to date, returns to its roots with a remastered version of the critically acclaimed masterpiece, Resident Evil Remake. Originally released in 1996 for PlayStation 1, Resident Evil was then “remade” in 2002 for Nintendo GameCube.
Rebuilt from the ground up with stunning new visuals, new gameplay elements, new environments and new story details while retaining the survival horror atmosphere the series had become synonymous for, Resident Evil Remake gave a whole new generation of fans a taste of what made Resident Evil great, in better form than ever before.
Both fans of the franchise who want a trip down memory lane and those who have yet to experience the game that coined the term survival horror for the gaming world will appreciate this definitive re-visit of that iconic 2002 Resident Evil title.

They were right. Every single frame was a stroll down memory lane. It still kept that eerie feeling, like you are being watched, as if a zombie bite will happen anytime soon. I always check the zombie corpse (wow, that's redundant) for blood on the floor.

Speaking of zombie corpse, HERE is a deadlier update! (Old PS version didn't have this) Leaving these zombies' dead bodies behind will somehow turn them into these fierce, angry Crimson Heads. They're faster and they would seek their revenge on you for killing them. Unless you blow their heads off or burn their bodies with fuel and of course, a lighter.

The remastered version even added additional areas, puzzles and a boss! But I won't tell you about it. I hate giving out spoilers. Hint: It's freaking horrifying!

Want some screenshots? Here you go!

P.S. The game doesn't include the classic one. But it would've been awesome if they did.

"Stop! Don't open that door!" I remember how sucky these voice actors were. (Resident Evil, Playstation)
They talk better here. And oh my, those visuals.

Plus the lightning effect. Magical.
If you don't have this. Good luck.
"Hope it's not Chris' blood!" too bad they changed Barry's line here

This is the place everybody hates.

Do you know why I took a screenie of this? Do you? Do you?

"I may not look next-gen, but I am enough to tear your ear off!"

Ooooh new  BSAA costumes!

This is a must play. Old and new gamers will definitely enjoy this remastered classic.

Are you getting your hands on this game too? Tell us what you think on the comments below!

PC requirements for Grand Theft Auto V to be announced!

Now who's excited to know more about the upcoming PC release of Grand Theft Auto V?

Rockstar Games has just announced that the PC requirements for GTA V will most likely be posted next week. At least it would be a great headstart if we should or should not upgrade our systems (I'm still running on an i3-3220, HD 7850 and 8GB of ram). It would also contain the updates that they've added since the release of the remastered GTA V for PS4 and Xbox One.

They have also posted a Q&A regarding this at this link. You can check it out!

SimCity 2000 Special Edition is now FREE on Origin

We at Geekoy would do our best to provide you news about the latest free stuff on gaming because it's better to get things for free legally than get them from pirates! Well, some games aren't really that good, you could let the pirates do that job for you.

Right now, SimCity 2000 Special Edition is FREE on Origin (Ooooh special edition!). You can get the game for free by clicking this link and voila! Free game! Yay! Oh, you better get the game while it's still free. It will return to its original price of $6.90 within a couple of days.

We all know that it's not the best Sim City around, but hey, it's free. You can still build houses and buildings and landscapes so shut it.

Dragon Age: Inquision - Patch 2 Notes (FINALLY)

The Qunari Inquisitor is slightly amused.
FINALLY! After almost a month from its release date, Dragon Age: Inquisition has decided to update their game to fix some MAJOR (and minor) bugs and glitches in the game. They pretty much addressed almost every issue that us gamers have reported.

It's a 260mb heavy update (at least that's how big it is for PC) so it's best to brew coffee as read this patch notes as you wait for the update to finish.

The patch notes includes PC, Ps3, Ps4, and Xbox 360 updates. Just read on!

Release date: December 9, 2014


  • Fixed case where game would incorrectly think the player has more than one race/class/gender
  • Fixed case where users who changed their voice off of default, would have their voice set back to default when interacting with Hawke’s chargen settings.
  • Increased duration that search highlights things, and added highlighted items to radar while they are highlighted.
  • Fixed several conversation lines which would take a very long time to advance to the next line unless they were manually skipped.
  • Fixed case where followers could float above the ground after extended periods of play
  • [PC] Fixed some hitching in conversations.
  • [PC] Pressing the interact key (default “F”) will take everything from containers.
  • [PC] Hair should be less shiny on lower quality settings.
  • [PC] Added ability to rotate character models with the mouse in UI’s that show character models
  • [PC] Added an option to enable / disable tactical camera on mouse wheel scroll out.
  • [PC] Hiding the HUD on the PC will now hide all UI elements
  • [PC] Fixed being able to drag abilities from a tree that was not selected onto the quickbar
  • [PC] Fixed being able to toggle UI state for the tactical camera on the quickbar when the tactical camera is unusable
  • [PC] Fixed case where clicking quickbar elements in Eyefinity would trigger attacks
  • [PC] fixed case where extra mouse-up events were triggering in UIs
  • [PC] Fixed issue where mouse-up events were missed when dragging off of UI elements and then releasing the mouse button
  • [PC] Fixed loading Icon not animating while Mantle creates shaders during load screens.
  • [PC] Fixed mouse cursor flashing while targeting AOEs
  • [PC] Fixed situation that could result in a hang on the start menu.
  • [PC] Fixed situation where war table could become non-interactive until users right clicked on it.
  • [PC] Fixed situation which could cause mouse-look to snap to a facing rather than turning smoothly
  • [PC] Holding right click and pressing the camera turn buttons in tactical camera will cause the cursor to strafe in the same manner the camera behaves outside tactical camera
  • [PC] Made some changes that should improve Mantle performance
  • [PC] quickbar indicator for pause state should no longer remain highlighted when game is not paused
  • [PS3] Increased number of save slots to 30
  • [PS4] Improved conversation performance during fast install
  • [PS4] Increased number of save slots to 50
  • [360] Fixed case where movies sometimes decoded incorrectly
  • [360] Fixed Crash when selecting storage device when select storage device warning is present
  • [360] Fixed the online connection error being displayed twice when attempting to login to Origin with no Xbox live connection.
  • Assorted stability improvements
  • Fixed crash that could occur after some conversations
  • Certain boss creatures are now immune to Disruption Field
  • Creatures in rag doll will now pause when the game is paused
  • Fix to Spirit Blade so it no longer triggers combos
  • Fixed a couple focus abilities to be weapon agnostic
  • Fixed a few DA Keep world state import reactivity checks.
  • Fixed a few situations that could result in there being no conversation selection indicator during conversations
  • Fixed an issue caused by changing characters at the same as targeting an AOE ability
  • Fixed Audio cutting out when using AOE abilities while radial menu is open.
  • Fixed being unable to finish quest “Safe Keeping” if the user places key fragments in the forger, then leaves the zone without getting the finished key.
  • Fixed camera shaking when making small camera adjustments during character creation
  • Fixed case where blizzard would pause the game when it turns off
  • Fixed case where controller rumble would get permanently disabled
  • Fixed case where Imshael could end up in a location where players could not fight him.
  • Fixed case where interaction text would not update in tactical camera
  • Fixed case where mana or stamina was incorrectly displayed on mounted character’s portraits
  • Fixed case where users could get stuck loading a save in a certain dragon combat area
  • Fixed case where users could get stuck on an infinite “Connecting to Dragon Age Servers”
  • Fixed Crippling Blows to have a 15% damage bonus instead of .15%
  • Fixed Cullen’s hair having some strange shadows during cinematics
  • Fixed exploit that would allow bypassing ability cool-downs in certain circumstances
  • Fixed exploit that would allow users to take no damage.
  • Fixed issue where orders to interact with trebuchets made in tactical mode were un-interruptable.
  • Fixed issue where user loses control of the party if he enters tactical camera at the same time as a cinematic triggers
  • Fixed issue which could cause potion counts to be reset due to party member changes.
  • Fixed issue which could result in an infinite “Connecting to Dragon Age Servers” on the main menu.
  • Fixed issue which could result in the Radial menu not staying open
  • Fixed issue which could result in the screen re-sizing UI to stop working until exiting and re-entering the screen re-sizing UI.
  • Fixed scripted autosave in the western approach which was made which if loaded could result in certain NPCs to not show up until after leaving the area and coming back.
  • Fixed situation where followers could get stuck while pathfinding to the player.
  • Fixed some of the collectible books being non-interactive in Skyhold
  • Fixed slot types on several crafted items
  • Fixed some item names getting cut off in stores
  • Fixed weapon type on several crafted weapon parts.
  • Ground rings scale on Dragons in Tactical Camera
  • Radar will be shown during radar tutorial, even if the UI is set to be hidden
  • Radar will show way points immediately after coming out of UIs, no longer requires player to move first.
  • Target lock is cleared when entering tactical mode.
  • Unified sort order for stat listings during item modification


  • [PC] Improved push-to-talk functionality when using keyboard and mouse
  • Fixed issue which could result in negative XP being granted in some multiplayer matches
  • Fixed crash that could occur while switching characters in some multiplayer menus
  • Cursed chests in multiplayer no longer look different from un-cursed ones
  • Fixed some missing information on end of match screens when servers are slow in Multiplayer.
  • Fixed Players losing their ability to target when dying while recovering object in multiplayer
  • Fixed situation where host migration after end of match would fail to show end of match details for the remaining players
  • Fixed issue with players being interrupted while interacting with objects in Multiplayer
  • Fixed issue where host can be returned to an empty lobby after quitting out of a match while in the operation failed state
  • Improved appearance of ledge drop-downs in multiplayer.
  • Fixed case which could cause keys to not drop in Multiplayer
  • Fixed case in Multiplayer where players could attempt to use abilities while dead.

Dragon Age: Inquisiton - Dragon Hunting So Far

Dragon Age: Inquisition dragon
Dragon Age: Inquisition's dragons should not be mistaken for easy targets with epic loot!
I have always loved dragons. I've always adored and looked up to them since I was a kid. I used to imagine what it was like to pet one, or at least find one that can make you grant your wish. Well those dreams are now long gone, thanks to Dragon Age: Inquisition. Fuck you, dragons.

One does not simply kill a dragon when you see it, but do not fret! These dragons do not feed on humans (or elves, dwarves or Qunari). I guess they're picky when it comes to meat (speaking of food, you should check out Chef Kuno). I've never seen my hero eaten alive. These dragons would rather claw you to death when you get too close or breath fire in your face and barbecue you to death. God, I'm hungry.

Fereldan Frostback
You see that fireball? Yeah, that fireball ruined Yang's (my character) day.
My first dragon encounter was in Hinterlands. Strolling and skipping in search for secret passages and loot as I collected shards, herbs and iron. I was level 6 and I was killing the place! Killing every mob around me, helping the citizens around and destroying Fade Rifts with my funky green hand. I knew I could own this place and finish the entire area without having to go someplace else!

I stumbled upon a camp, restocked and went down a cute cave surrounded with Iron and Elfroot. When I reached the exit, I saw wide, beautiful landscape and this huge rock pillar, and THEN A DRAGON FLEW OUT OF NOWHERE AND TACKLED THAT HUGE ROCK PILLAR AND EVERYTHING WENT HAYWIRE!!! (AAAAHHHH!!!) Rocks started flying everywhere and I was like: "...COOOOOL!" But it wasn't so cool 4 seconds later as it started throwing fireballs at me. And trust me, you wouldn't want to get hit by its fireball when you're level 6. My character was screaming in pain. I too was screaming in pain. I died without being able to at least hit the bastard.

That angry yellow dragon pictured above is the Fereldan Frostback, a level 12 dragon and possibly the first dragon that you will encounter in Dragon Age: Inquisition. I was so amazed and mad at the same time because I knew to myself that it was impossible to kill the bastard with my current level (If anybody managed to kill this dragon without cheating at level 6, please record it and contact me. I will post your success here, then tell the whole world that I am not meant for gaming)

So I had to skip the area and roam some shaded parts of the Hinterlands. I even resumed the story quests and went to other places until I reached level 9. Then, I knew this was it. My eyes on Hinterlands, on that stupid dragon that ruined my beautiful stroll. I was very sure that I could kill it this time.

Fereldan Frostback
I WILL END YOU, SON OF SATAN! (oops, wrong demon)
So I went closer, and started beating the shit out of its feet. Its right foot started bleeding, so I went for the other one. Cassandra was busy keeping the shield up for the party while Sera was making sure all of her hits are hitting the same leg I am hitting. Vivienne was shooting elemental shit everywhere. But the damage was just not enough. I am still too weak for this massive mustard dragon.

Dragon Age: Inquisition Fereldan Frostback
Fereldan Frostback: "Smaug would be proud of me"
The Fereldan Frostback raised its wings, flapped and created a tornado. Stupid Vivienne was outside of the protected area and got swept away. Cassandra was foot-stomped to death. It barbecued Sera and clawed my face. We got wiped.

It was not enough. I had to get more team mates. I needed to get stronger. Maybe there are things that I had to explore first. So I did. I met Iron Bull, Dorian and Cole, and we were the perfect party. A party of sexy, dashing men with two horny dudes.

Dragon Age: Inquisition Fereldan Frostback
We crippled the bastard. We have finally ended Fereldan Frostback after a couple of stages and several tactical modes. We have finally downed it. 20 hours of gameplay, and I finally managed to kill it. It was well worth it. Iron Bull couldn't stop thinking about it, he even talked to me when I went by the pub. The only thing that went in my head was: "Damn, I can't wait to hunt the other dragons".

So I did. It even became my main objective than the story. Here is the list so far.

Fereldan Frostback
The Fereldan Frostback

Northern Hunter
Northern Hunter
If you drained the dam in Crestwood, you will be able to unlock this dragon.

Abyssal High Dragon
Abyssal High Dragon
The Abyssal High Dragon is kind of tricky to get. You would have to clear several quests from a Dragon expert located in Western Approach. You would have to complete the quests Draconology, How to Lure a Dragon, Hunting Patterns, Sharper White Claws and A Manuscript Of Some Authority to release this dragon.

Gamoran Stormrider
The Gamoran Stormrider is located in the Northern Plains. You would have to complete the War Table operation Clear The Rubble in order to access the area.

Greater Mistral
Greater Mistral
This fight was silly. It was probably one of the easiest dragon encounters I've had. It's located around the north side of Emerald Graves.

You can find Vinsomer at the Dragon Island located at the Storm Coast. Make sure you were able to get the operation Red Templars on the Storm Coast by finishing some quests in the Emerald Grove.

I have defeated 6 dragons so far. There are a total of 10 dragons in Dragon Age: Inquisition. Happy hunting!

Dragon Age: Inquisition is a very challenging, but fun game. Despite some little bugs and glitches here and there, you will still enjoy and remain immersed in this world. If you have time to waste, this is the perfect game for you.

Just one tip when playing DA:I, Be careful in decision-making.

Street Fighter 5 is a PS4 and PC exclusive!

Street Fighter 5
Goosebumps everytime I see this.
Recent reports have indicated that Street Fighter 5 will be released exclusively for PS4 and PC. Too bad for Xbox One owners, but let's hope Capcom would reconsider. The trailer's fresh, and it looks like they have highly improved the textures of the game itself as well (check out those Ryu muscles!). If you haven't seen the full trailer, think of it as an inspirational video presented by a huge shoe brand.

Street Fighter 5 Chun Li
Chun-Li is still as hot as ever!
If you really want to see the trailer, you can watch it below! I can't wait to try the game myself! Enjoy!

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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Here's a sexy horse for you.

Why? Because you deserve to see a sexy horse exposing her underarms.

Nothing is sexier than a horse exposing her underams.